Here at St Florence VC School we are very proud of the effort and commitment shown to sport. We run a variety of different sports clubs, football, netball, cricket, rounders, cycling and running to name just a few. These clubs are well attended and the children approach them with enthusiasm and have a great deal of fun.

Urdd Netball
One of the first years we participated in the local Urdd Netball competition, the boys and girls performed exceptionally well, winning our local competition, winning every game along the way. This lead to the girls progressing onto a tournament featuring all local tournament winners. The team performed really well losing just one game when narrowly finishing 2nd. Thank you to Mrs S. Davies and Mrs S. Philips (School governor) for running the club.

The football club is well attended and we send male and female teams to a number of different football competitions. During the Urdd football tournament the boys played very well showing good teamwork and effort winning one and drawing one of their four games. The girls showed real commitment narrowly finishing 2nd in the group.  This club has also been sorted by a parent.

Running Club
After the success of the ‘November Challenge’, we began our running club supported by Mrs Day (a parent). We have been able to run around the scenic village of St Florence. Every child in year 5 and 6 has the opportunity to participate and it’s not about the speed of the run, it’s learning to run at your own pace and improve fitness.

Every child from Reception – Year 6 in the school has the opportunity to go swimming for a term each academic year in order to improve their water confidence and swimming technique. Years 5 and 6 also cover life saving. At the end of each year we have our swimming gala where the children compete in houses for the swimming cup. We regularly send teams to the Sladen relay.

Adventure activities
Annually year six pupils visit an outdoor pursuit’s centre for a residential trip where they are able to experience a variety of different adventurous activities including the muddy assault course, kayaking, abseiling and many, many more.

Athletics and Cross Country
To add to the success of our running club we have seen an improvement in participation in cross country and athletics. We send pupils across key stage two to compete in the Oakwood and Dyfed cross country events. As the summer term approaches we have many athletics meets including Tenby family of schools area sports and the Dyfed athletics where we aim to take boys and girls teams.