Visits are arranged to support a study topic and are usually only a day trip making use of local sites of interest although we may travel further afield e.g. to Cardiff.

Residential trips during term time to the Urdd Welsh Centres are arranged alternating between Llangrannog and Cardiff.

Residential trips are arranged for all KS2.

Charges for School Activities
Visits incur costs such at travel, admission fees, accommodation and food.  The school wishes to provide the best educational facilities for all its pupils given the budget allocated by the Local Education Authority.

The law states that education during normal school hours is free of any compulsory charges to parents and we endorse this principle and will uphold the legal requirements. 

However, it is recognised that many educational activities have been, and will continue to be, dependent on parental financial contributions either in whole or part.  Without that financial support the school would find it impossible to maintain the quality and breadth of educational programme provided for pupils.  With this in mind we ask that:

Day Visits which occur during school hours
Parents make a voluntary donation towards the cost of the activity

Residential Visits
Parents will be charged the full cost of the visit including cost for transport, board and lodging and activities undertaken during the trip.